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Qigong Classes and Clinical Qigong Therapy in Bluffton

Qigong Classes and Clinical Qigong Therapy in Bluffton

Taoist Neuro-Energetic Therapy


Excellent therapy for "Pain".

Master Hu Yao Zhen

Master Hu Yao Zhen - teacher of Master Wang (1 of 5 teachers of Master Wang.)

Master Hu performing "Walking in the Qi". Master Hu was one of Master Wang's primary teachers and had great influence on the Present day Stillness Movement Lineage



Testimonials - all Therapy is guaranteed to make a difference or your money is refunded.

Brion Demonstrating Gift of the Tao

Brion demonstrating a "Wall of Qi" from Gift of the Tao 1

Simple yet very powerful moves.

Class - Stillness Movement Meditation


Still the mind and allow the Qi to flow freely and help heal your body, mind, and spirit - plus begin to find and fulfill your destiny

Grandmaster Michael Lomax with Grandmaster Wang


Grandmaster Lomax with Grandmaster Wang - Grandmaster Wang was in charge of the Baoding Clinical Qigong Hospital

Qigong Classes, Clinical Qigong , Martial Arts in Bluffton

Qualified Instructors

Brion Beller is a graduate of Michael Lomax's Institute of Chinese Energy Healing Certification Program and is his senior student plus Michael acknowledges Brion as a Master Instructor of Qigong Classes and Clinical Qigong Therapy in Bluffton. I have clients around the world that utilize my Energy Healing skills.

In Addition, I am certified through the National Qigong Association as a Level III Advanced Instructor and Level III advanced Clinical Practitioner.

 Brion continues education by attending and assisting at each of Michael Lomax's High Level Qigong Stillness-Movement Seminars.

Martial Arts Classes - Ryukyu Kempo and Small Circle Jujitsu in Bluffton

Brion has over 40 years of Martial Arts experience and currently holds a 7th Dan  Black  Belt In Okinawan Ryukyu Kempo (Grandmaster) and several years instruction in Small Circle Jujitsu (tm) from the late Professor Wally Jay, plus excellent speed technique - in Hawaiian Kempo  - all will be combined to teach you the ultimate in true Pressure Point fighting skills and small joint lock technique for a highly effective self defense that is second to none.

Brion's Martial Arts Teachers have been some of the best in the world - I am Will Higginbotham 9th Dan's  - Ryukyu Kempo -Senior Student, 

Plus I spent several years being trained by David Gonzalez 7th Dan - Hawaiian Kempo - West Coast Fighting Champion, Mr. Gonzalez received his 7th Dan from Mr. Ed Parker innovator of Hawaiian Kempo.

My pressure point study began with Mr. Higginbotham and Professor George Dillman - 10th Dan Ryukyu Kempo, Professor Dillman was instrumental in introducing pressure point strikes to a larger audience he studied with Hohan Soken and Seiyu Oyata to bring this information on Ryukyu Kempo to our Dojo.

I learned to incorporate grappling and small joint locks under the direction and study with  Professor Wally Jay - Small Circle JuJitsu (tm), Professor Jay is famous for many things including being known as Bruce Lee's Jujitsu instructor.

I also studied use of the 18" sticks for self-defense from one of the worlds most famous -  Professor Remy Presas - Modern Arnis,

Lastly I have closely studied a private training DVD of Master Seiyu Oyata - 10th Dan Ryukyu Kempo (Te). I incorporate these movements and breakdowns into my teachings

All of these teachings combined will make the self defense that you learn highly valuable and extremely effective in any situation.

Qigong Classes, Clinical Qigong Session - Alternative Pain Relief

Qigong - translates as Qi = Vital Energy, and Gong is short for Gong Fu meaning "time and effort", so we will spend "time and effort improving our vital energy". Qi is also known as the "Life Force" so classes and/or Therapy can help you mprove your vitality

Do you have Stress in your life - then try my Qigong Class for stress relief.


D0 you have a Pain Syndrome or some Disease that traditional medicine hasn't helped?

Then try either my Qigong class or  Clinical Qigong The Session.

Clinical Qigong - Guaranteed to Make a Difference.

 Brion's class will focus on movement based Qigong utilizing the "Gift of the Tao Neigong" series that have been developed by Grandmaster Michael Lomax in conjunction with insight from Master Wang Juemin and Master Y. W. Chang

These highly energetic moves are simple and easy to learn yet extremely powerful  as this Qigong system came from the Qigong Healing Hospital In China and can help reduce stress, reduce chronic illness, lead to less emotional frustration and more calmness in your life. In addition we will practice Standing and on occasion sitting Stillness-Movement Meditation.

Clinical  Qigong  - In person direct Qi Projection known as "Wai Qi Liao Fa" or healing with external energy - utilizing the energy channels.This can be seen as similar to acupuncture in theory yet with quicker results and in the Stillness-Movement Lineage we do "High Level" healing. This means - I am interested in healing body, mind, spirit,(specializing in relieving Pain Syndromes) and - you "finding and fulfilling your destiny'! This method was taught to M. Lomax by Master Wang Juemin at the Baoding Qigong Hospital In Emei, China. This modality was the only method used for healing in that particular hospital in China and Master Wang was renown for his ability throughout China eventually being noted as a National Treasure by the government. Master Wang passed the Stillness-Movement lineage onto Michael Lomax and had him bring this to the west. 

Taoist Neuro-Energetic Qigong    similar to Acupressure only Qi is used on the nerves to  provide relief.

This is a very unique Clinical Qigong that can only be found only in the current Stillness Movement lineage. Michael Lomax met and studied for 12 years with Taoist Master Dr. Vincent Graef who taught him this method that was formerly reserved for the Emperor and his family only. The method is a hands on technique that involves projecting Qi into the nerve synapses up the entire spine which influence every muscle fiber, blood vessel, and organ in the body. Essentially a system reset. I have seen amazing results with this technique alone or in combination with Qi projection.

 Distance Clinical Qigong- A variety of ailments and dis-ease can be addressed with a distance Clinical Qigong session. I have had clients in China, London, British Columbia, California, etc virtually from all over the world contact me for a distance session and the distance sessions have been just as effective as an in-person session. For instance, I have worked on individuals suffering from Migraine Pain and had great success with the treatment, but, the therapy is not limited to pain syndromes.

 Guarantee - All Clinical Qigong comes with a guarantee that states that the session will make a difference or your money will be refunded

Our Philosophy

My goal is to give you the best experience and to make a difference in your life.    Whether you are getting a Qigong treatment, taking a Qigong class, or studying Martial Arts with me - the methods and experience that I provide will make a positive difference in your life.  I will always do my best to try to understand your needs and tailor therapy and/or my class to best benefit you.